Moving Out?

We have created a check-list of the most common areas we find have been missed when moving out.

One of the most common issues we find when checking tenants out of their property is cleanliness.

In most cases tenants have attempted to clean the property however we do find in most appointments that areas have been missed. It may sound very obvious, but it is something to consider for when you are vacating the property which you are occupying.

We highly recommend starting your end of tenancy cleaning early to make sure the property is presented perfectly prior to the final check out inspection. This will give you the best chance of returning your deposit. There are two options when it comes to this process; Hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning company or do it yourself. If you choose to do this your self it does work out more cost effective and may give you the peace of mind knowing that the cleaning is done to the appropriate standard throughout. If you do decide that you would like to use a cleaning company, it is always a good idea to contact your letting agent and request the details of their approved cleaning company.

Below we have included some of the main areas which we find most often have cleanliness issues on the checkout inspection:

The kitchen is the main area we often find cleanliness issues. As it is the area in which food is prepared, stored and often eaten – this means there are lots of elements to consider.

Kitchen Units - Remove all items from the kitchen cupboards, wipe each unit and drawer ensuring all crumbs and stains are removed, and don’t forget the top shelves!

White Goods - It is very important that the fridge, freezer, dishwasher and washing machine are cleaned to a good standard. Remove all shelves and baskets from fridges and freezers and wash in the sink, wipe down the insides of the units and make sure the removed sections are refitted. Defrost the freezer and once complete turn off the unit and make sure the doors are left open. One area which is missed on a regular basis is the washing machine soap drawer, add this to your to do list!

The Oven - This is the hardest job which we all dread, but don’t get lazy! this is one of the first areas assessed on the check out inspection. Whether you have heavy deposits of dirt and grime, House hold dust or burnt on food you need to give your oven a very thorough clean. If you would like to clean the oven yourself, do some online research. There are lots of helpful tips and guides. Alternatively, you can use a professional oven cleaning company which will save you lots of time and effort as it is a difficult job.

Wipe down all elements within the bathroom - the tiles, windows, mirrors, bath, shower, toilet and sink.

Check all plug holes for hair and grime, ensure they are clean and that water can flow freely. Sometimes hair and other elements can build up within the pipes and cause a blockage / slow drainage. If this happens to you, find a strong drain cleaner. This should resolve your issue.

Check all fixtures and fittings including the shower screen, taps and other metallic surfaces. Limescale can build on these areas and it can be a nightmare to clean if you are using the wrong products. To remove limescale easily use a white vinegar cleaning product – this will save you lots of time and effort.

The main areas which we find are often missed in these rooms are the skirting, ledges and carpets.

Dust builds up on skirting and ledges and these needs wiping down before you leave. Dust can also build on carpets which will be removed easily with a good vac. Stains to carpets can be caused very easily, whether it’s a spilt drink or dirty shoes you need to consider this in your end of tenancy clean. Check your tenancy agreement, some contracts state that you must have your carpets professionally cleaned after a certain duration of time. It is a good idea to contact your letting agent and request the details for their approved carpet cleaning company. If you have checked your contact and it isn’t compulsory for you to use a professional cleaning company, there are lots of products available to remove stains and marks. We recommend Rug Doctor which is available at selected local large supermarkets. This allows you to rent a carpet cleaning machine along with all the correct products which are required.

Gardens and exterior features are an important area to factor in when it comes to moving out – overgrown grass, greenery and weeds to borders are all issues which we see on a regular basis. First, check your tenancy agreement – this will include details on who is responsible for the maintenance of these areas.

If it is your responsibility, you can carry out the work your self or hire a professional gardener. We recommend keeping up to the garden throughout the tenancy, so it isn’t a major task to complete at the end of your tenancy. If you do decide to hire a professional gardener there are lots of local professionals who will be able carry out the work for you – Find more than one quote and choose which is most reasonable for you.

Don't forget to remove all of your items, remove any litter and ensure the bins are filled with the correct waste and not overflowing – if this is not done, these are all factors which can affect your bond return.

There are a mountain of things to remember when moving house, and making sure you have ticked every box can be a challenging task. These are some of the most important jobs to think of other than the obvious tasks such as cleaning and removing your furniture.

Post Forwarding - if you forget to forward your post, some of your important documents may be sent to your old address. These can be received by the next tenants and in most cases the letters are misplaced or put to one side. Add this to your to do list!

Changing Your Address - As well as post forwarding, changing your address is the next important step. If you drive you must contact the DVLA and relevant insurance companies - If you don’t change your address and you receive a parking ticket or other important document this will be sent to your old address and will lead to further charges if fines are not paid. It is vital that you contact your bank and inform them of your change of address, if this is not done your bank statements and other private information will be sent to the wrong address.

Final Meter Readings - Make sure you photograph your meter readings at the point in which you are leaving the property for the final time on the date in which your tenancy ends. Our clerks will also photograph this on your check out appointment, but it is always good to have a copy for your records. Once you have taken the final reading, contact your energy supplier and give them this information.

Our Services Include:

Inventory report - an essential document which sets a written standard of condition at the start of tenancy. All elements of a property are described and documented in high detail, including fixtures and fittings, alarms, detectors and meter readings.

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Check-in Reports

Our check-in service - created to not only allow tenants to pitch any amendments to the report, but also to educate the tenants with an understanding of the processes which is an important factor of the Tenant Entry Process.

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Check-out Reports

Check-out report - a vital document which is used to establish end of tenancy bond deductions.

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Student Handovers

We understand how stressful the student hand over period can be.

– We are here to help!

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Mid Term Inspections

Our periodic inspection - an inspection to assess the condition, cleanliness and upkeep of the property over certain periods of the tenancy.

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