Are you experiencing lengthy end of tenancy disputes?

Are you spending lots of valuable time adding tenant comments to your reports?

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Let us be your selling point! Lots of tenants can be weary and cautious when it comes to choosing their letting agent, often due to bad past experiences with the bond return process. Fill your tenants with confidence with our strong, reputable service.

Fast Guaranteed Turnaround - We understand the tight time scales and turnarounds letting agents face – This is why we offer a guaranteed same day service. Receive your completed reports within the same working day.

High Volume Specialists – We are built to handle high volumes of work! Our experienced team can effectively manage your entire portfolio even throughout the busiest times of the year.

Pricing Structures - We offer flat rate pricing structures to suit all portfolio sizes. Contact us today to find out more.

You're In Safe Hands - All our staff members are DBS checked and we are insured comprehensively.

Professional Terminology - All our reports are written to a high, professional standard. No abbreviations. Professional terms and detailed descriptions. All model numbers and additional details are noted, and elements are described in high detail.

High Quality Photographs - Clear, referenced and well presented.

Effective Layout - consistent layout and easy to follow.

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Our Services Include:

Inventory report - an essential document which sets a written standard of condition at the start of tenancy. All elements of a property are described and documented in high detail, including fixtures and fittings, alarms, detectors and meter readings.

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Check-in Reports

Our check-in service - created to not only allow tenants to pitch any amendments to the report, but also to educate the tenants with an understanding of the processes which is an important factor of the Tenant Entry Process.

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Check-out Reports

Check-out report - a vital document which is used to establish end of tenancy bond deductions.

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Student Handovers

We understand how stressful the student hand over period can be.

– We are here to help!

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Mid Term Inspections

Our periodic inspection - an inspection to assess the condition, cleanliness and upkeep of the property over certain periods of the tenancy.

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