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What we do, and what you can expect from us

A Golden Triangle Inventory is an in-depth, compressive report identifying property condition and cleanliness. All of the reports which we conduct are bespoke and tailored to your needs
The report includes a full schedule of condition and details of all contents including fixtures and fittings, furniture, white goods, ovens and hobs. Photos of the property and all contents will be taken and stored. Once checked by the tenant this inventory becomes a legally binding document and this then acts as an accurate representation of the property. All photos taken upon conduction of the inventory report are date stamped stating the time at which the inventory report took place.

A Check In Report is an accompanied inspection with the tenants when they enter the property for the first time. One of our inventory clerks will work alongside the new tenants walking through each room of the property ensuring both parties feel the report is accurate. Any issues or defects within the property are identified and highlighted to the new tenants at this point. Photographs are taken throughout the property including meter readings, keys which have been assigned to the tenants.
The Check In Report provides an overall accurate image of the property at the time which the tenants move in. This service can be a huge support if a case is launched with the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) or other deposit holding body. This is because the tenants have had the opportunity to highlight any issues which they felt, were not mentioned in the inventory or check in report. When complete tenants sign the check-in report agreeing that the property is in the condition as listed throughout.

This report will be conducted with our original inventory- clearly stating which aspects have changed throughout the tenancy. We will carry out an inspection in each room of the property, checking every element to establish if or what damages have occurred. Once the inspection is complete we will then forward our report to you along with the inspection images we have taken. If any damage has taken place this report will be used as evidence if the situation is taken further.
All of our check-out reports contain a cleanliness section, featuring all aspects of the property which are then photographed providing adequate evidence should the property require a further clean.

We understand how stressful the student hand over period can be – We are here to help!
The student handover period is a very busy and stressful time for both agencies and private landlords. Our bespoke Student Handover services compromise of a round the clock service, working both through the day and also through the night ensuring all properties are completed.
We have a team of inventory clerks who are widely experienced in the student handover stages. All our team work efficiently and effectively creating the most accurate inventory and inspection reports on the market. Our team get the work done efficiently and work within the tight time scales which the student hand over period generates. our bespoke service creates a more relaxed approach for all our clients – We will not stop until all your properties are complete.

Tenants often don’t fully understand what is expected of them come the end of the tenancy, and what is chargeable should they not take preventive steps. With our pre check-out service, we aim to provide tenants with relevant information and advice on how the condition of the property should be left upon vacating. We aim to provide this service 3 weeks before the end of the tenancy so that any remedial works can take place.

Benefits to you..

• Decreases the time taken at the end of the tenancy handling deposit issues
• The landlord or agency has less remedial work to do post tenancy
• Reduces the chance of dispute come the end of the tenancy
• Increases tenants knowledge on the deposit process
• We can point out any cleanliness issues which will need addressing before the end of the tenancy

What are the benefits of our services?

At the Golden Triangle use top of the range software allowing us to forward all our finalized inventory and benefitsinspection reports instantly. Once the report is complete on site, we send the finished document as a PDF file ready to download. We use digital sign offs throughout all our services which means all inventories and inspections can be complete and signed off on site.One of the main benefits to the software which we use, is that it is so time effective. The software slashes admin time allowing us to finalize all our reports on site which is saving you money! It has allowed us to lower our prices due to the fact that there is much less admin time involved, this has now enabled us to supply the most competitive prices on the market.
Book your inventories and inspections for the student handover period today to avoid disappointment!

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